Wedding Day Hair Accessories
Brooklyn . KCS

Combs, clips, pins oh my! 

Veils, crowns flowers and more! Hair accessories can be the icing on the cake.  What can else can elevate  your wedding look into something memorable?
The challenge is how to choose the perfect piece. Sparkles, hats, headbands and flowers. Where to start??

Here are 5 tips to help you pick the perfect hair accessory!

1. What's your vibe?

Your bridal look will be unique. Whether you're;  a boho beauty, a timeless beauty, natural and relaxed, romantic, classic, mega glam or sleek and sophisticated. Your hairstyle should be an amped up version of you. So your accessory should reflect that.

2. What does your dress look like??

Once you decide on the dress.  You can decide what you want to expose or hi-light. Is there an open back or a stunning neckline you want to show off!?  You can better decide to wear your hair up, down, half up or to the side.  

3. Location

Is your location outside? Wind, humidity, temperature could all play a part on how decide to wear your hair. You know your hair better than anyone. How does it hold up? Will you be able to party and dance all night long?!

If your location is inside you might have the opportunity to wear a longer veil or a heavier piece. Take in consideration the elements.

4. Shop around.

There are so many beautiful options out there. Use pictures as inspiration to pick your favorites. Shop online and locally. Pinterest and Instagram and great ways to get inspiration.

5. Options options options!!

Once you meet with your hairstylist. Let them know of any accessories that you're thinking of. It might be a good idea to purchase a few so that you can try out a couple of options. Most bridal boutiques have a great return policy so you can take a few options and returned what you decide not to use. you might be surprised that you might choose more than one. You can never have too much flare!