May Your Love and Hair Be Everlasting!
Eli . KCS Chicago

Finding your perfect wedding day hair may feel overwhelming . From Pinterest, Instagram, magazines galore, you may be in updo overload. My best advice to you is, keep it real! Your wedding day is your time to celebrate your love with your family and friends. Pretty hair and dresses are just fabulous accessories to set the mood right.

Here are a few steps I recommend for deciding how to style your hair on your wedding day:

1. Be comfortable! You're going to have all eyes on you and photos to last you a lifetime. If you never wear your hair up on a day-to-day basis, don't feel obligated to do an elaborate updo at your wedding. Work with your stylist and your level of comfort to create something that's fitting for you!

2. It's okay to dream big! Sometimes we want hair that seems impossible. From long luscious curls to extra voluminous up-styles, even though they may seem far fetched from your every day hair, stylists have some tricks up our sleeves to help you feel like a princess on your big day! I'm not saying everything is possible, but don't feel bad in investing in your dream hair. Sometimes extensions, keratin treatments or a little extra is needed to create your fantasy. Be okay with treating yourself to your stylist's recommendations to make sure your hair is everything you could imagine.

3. Make your final decision based on YOU and the recommendation of your stylist. Sometimes your friends and family can attempt to influence your decision on how to wear your hair. Remember that it's YOUR big day. You and your stylist are the ones who know your hair best. Choose what will make you the happiest - your smile and love will outshine small details anyway!

4.  Keep your options open. Just because you had one trial you loved doesn't mean you can't come back for a second trial! Nothing is ever set and permanent. Try a few styles, why not?! It's better to try a bunch before your big day than to have second thoughts looking back at photos!