Lucky to be in Love...with your Hair! 
Kelsey . KCS Carlsbad
LUCKY TO BE IN LOVE!!! With your hair that is…

We all know what its like to dream of standing in front of the one you love in a beautiful white gown. For days, months, years we've thought about this day. Every detail from the flowers in our hands to the beads on our dress. It's a day that we can only hope goes perfect. So when Alissa asked me to do her and all her beautiful bridesmaids hair for the big day I couldn't help but feel giddy inside.

Pinterest then became our best friend. Every appointment I had with Alissa from the moment she was engaged till the week before her wedding was serious hair talk! We wanted to make sure that she felt her absolute BEST as she walked down the aisle. Our first goal was to create a color that complimented her skin tone and made her glow. Discuss this with your hairdresser. It's important that you find your signature color! It's actually quite simple… For a warm complexion it's ideal to add even more warmth to your look. If you have underlying cool hues in your skin you want to enhance it with cool tones. Our second goal was to keep up on hair trims and treatments so it would stay long and healthy. Remember, either TRIM IT or TREAT IT! In order to have the hair of your dreams keeping up on your six week hair trims or deep conditions are crucial. 

Remember, either TRIM IT or TREAT IT!

Third was to pick the winning look! After discovering that Alissa felt having her hair down with loose tousled curls was her favorite is when the fun started! We were able to use her bridal shower as her trial run. This was the perfect time to see what products worked best with Alissa's hair in order to create a look that lasted all day. This prepared us in advance for a STRESS FREE morning the day of! Not to mention there was a few mimosas and lots of laughter as well! Thank you Alissa for allowing me to guide you on this hair journey to love.

So as you go back to day dreaming of that special day or if you currently planning it remember to set goals with your Stylist. And don't forget, you're lucky to be in love.